Cellpap BV is a socially responsible corporation and is committed to environmentally sound practices.

Cellpap BV will continue to develop partnerships with its vendors and customers so we may achieve our collective sustainability goals.

Cellpap BV is committed to the strategic use of the sustainable processes which are built into its corporate culture.

We are continually investigating new ways to expand upon this commitment.

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Cellpap B.V.
Kenaupark 33
P.O. Box 5232
2000 GE Haarlem
The Netherlands


+31 23 5 420 480
+31 23 5 318 802

Cellpap BV received new license GACC (former AQSIQ), valid till December 31, 2024

Cellpap BV has been qualified for the new GACC license for the imports of waste paper into the PRC.

We welcome new enquiries from Chinese papermills.

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